Welcome to Arbra's Retreat & Wellness Center

We provide a sacred and natural environment to help women relax, reconnect and live their dream. We are unlike any other!

Our retreats are based on an ancient concept of empowerment, the idea the self-knowledge (understanding who you are) is the basis of all power. This gives an individual the opportunity to act in accordance with his or her "creative intelligence" to effect change rather than reacting to external conditions.

We offer a variety of retreats for emotional pampering and rejuvenation on your journey of healing.

We are located in Lutz, Florida

Our Mission

To create a sacred and healthy environment where we all can learn how to use natural and earth-centered tools (sun, water, trees, fire, earth), for stress reduction/relaxation and personal growth.

Nestled among big oak trees is this quintessential paradise tucked away on a peaceful and secluded 4 acres. We refer to it as "Soul City", a place to connect with Mother Nature and your heart to create your purpose.

The 4,800 square feet facility is unique. The main house was built in 1957, sits on Lake Shirley, linked to Lake Keene. It has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2 full kitchens. All rooms have a separate entrance.There is a a large enclosed pool attached to the house.